If you’re not getting media attention you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Media is a lens to clarify your offering and amplify your message. Getting mainstream media coverage is the ultimate ‘turning pro’ moment.

I can help you communicate with clarity, own your message, and share your message with the world.


Why Media Coverage is Essential to Help Grow your  Business:


  1. Build your credibility and trust.
  2. Grow your community.
  3. Connect with new ideal customers!
  4. Potential customers are 85% more likely to purchase a product from you after seeing a video with you/your product.
  5. Build your buzz-worthy bio with media mentions.
  6. FUN! Media appearances give you the chance to dress up and talk about your passion.
  7. Mom & Dad will be proud ;)

So how can I help you get there?

I help entrepreneurs, startups and side-hustlers get media coverage, teach you how to rock the on-air segment and how to use that media to gain new customers.

Currently there are three ways I can help you. Learn more here! 

Street Cred:

  • I’ve helped entrepreneurs get featured in The New York Times, MarketWatch, Forbes, TechCrunch, Seventeen, national television shows, magazines and newspapers. Personally I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan, Forbes and Flare and on a ton of local media :-)
  • I’ve been working in the media world for almost 10 years (first job was on Project Runway Canada!)
  • Helped develop and currently produce a TV show called ‘The Naked Entrepreneur’ which started as a web show, and recently got picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada.
  • Creator of ‘Your Big Break’ podcast which has been downloaded thousands of times which shares the stories of how entrepreneurs got their big break in business with help from mainstream media. New episodes come out every Thursday. Listen to past episodes here!
  • Created/host my own show called ‘Start Something Big!’ for local cable in Toronto (it later turned into an event series and podcast).

It’s time to get your ‘big break’ in business with help from mainstream media.

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Over the last five years I have spent thousands of dollars and hours, travelling all around the world (from St. Louis to Mexico) to learn from mentors in the media entrepreneur space. Here are four of my main mentors:

Gwen’s Professional Bio

Gwen is a media strategist and a TV producer who helps entrepreneurs get their big break with mainstream media. She’s the producer for The Naked Entrepreneur TV which aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada for two seasons. She’s also the creator of ‘Your Big Break’ a podcast that shares the stories of how entrepreneurs got their big break in business with help from mainstream media. She’s helped entrepreneurs get featured on Forbes, Virgin, The New York Times, MarketWatch, CTV, national TV shows, morning shows and local cable shows. Gwen has also been featured in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, FLARE, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and TEDx to name a few media outlets!

Connect with Gwen on Instagram/Twitter @gwenelliot, at www.gwenelliot.com or by email ge@gwenelliot.com.