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Behind the Scenes Tips and Strategies to Help You Step Into the Media Spotlight.

Welcome to my adventures in creating media and my advice on how to get your brand/biz featured in the media.

When is the best time to email a morning show producer with a pitch?

Gwen Elliot, June 21, 2015

Learn from the Producers of Breakfast Television and Canada AM!   A friend of mine who works in PR was recently telling me about a pitch strategy that’s worked for her.   She will pitch morning shows late  in the day on Thursday or Friday, as guests sometimes cancel for the following week and producers will be […]

When Major Media Amplifies Your “Awesome” (InStyle Feature)

Gwen Elliot, June 14, 2015

Meet Tanya Lopez and Learn about her InStyle Feature I met the fabulous Tanya Lopez in possibly the greatest place on earth: at Awesomenessfest in Bali, Indonesia a few years ago. Tanya is the Event Director for Awesomenessfest, a 3-day extravaganza (think TED meets Burning Man meets Summit Series)  and is also sharing her adventures as an […]

Proof that ANY topic can be media friendly. Meet Lisa Greig & Discover the “Death Cafe.”

Gwen Elliot, June 8, 2015

  Lisa Greig is the co-organizer of the Death Cafe. She’s also a Canadian social worker and aspiring entrepreneur based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.    She recently posted an on-camera interview with a major media outlet on her Facebook feed, and I was so inspired, I had to reach out to learn more and share […]

The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Press

Gwen Elliot, March 28, 2015

Today, I am thrilled to share advice from my personal biz/life coach who also happens to be an Emmy-award winning mediapreneur.   You may be shocked to find out how practical Natalie’s advice is.   She shares her story of how she was able to get press when her business was in it’s early stages. […]

Create Your Own Media and Blow Your Own Mind.

Gwen Elliot, March 26, 2015

Creating your own media content on an established platform is one of the best ways to cut through the noise and get great exposure for your business.   Sarah Vermunt, Founder of Careergasm and speaker at the upcoming Show Me the Media event recently shared this epic Facebook update:     As you can see, […]

The Quest to Bring Oprah to Toronto

Gwen Elliot, March 22, 2015

What does it take to get a ‘YES’ from Oprah Winfrey?   I have no idea, but I’m on a quest to find out. Though it’s not a quest I’ll be going on alone. I need your help.   Myself and the team on “The Naked Entrepreneur” are gearing up for the fourth season of […]

Show Me The Media! (Event for Mediapreneurs in Toronto)

Gwen Elliot, March 22, 2015

Calling all mediapreneurs and aspiring media magnets! It’s time to demystify media and get your message out to the masses. If you are an entrepreneur or have a creative side project that you want to turn into a business, the media can help you. Join us for an interactive panel discussion to learn from industry […]

5 Reasons to Get Media Coverage

Gwen Elliot, March 22, 2015

  I’ve been working in the media for the last eight years and continue to be amazed with the power of the media.     One ideal media hit can completely change the game.   No matter what stage you’re at with your business or project, you can get media coverage. I was able to […]

Not Sure What Press to Target? Start With a Press Pyramid

Gwen Elliot, March 22, 2015

  The #1 Question I’m asked when I’m at events and from friends, is “Gwen, how do I get on TV/featured in the media?”   Great question.   I strongly believe in this day and age, you do not need a PR rep when you’re first starting out to get major media coverage.   The […]

5 Tips To Rock Your Insta Feed from a PR Pro

GUEST POST, November 30, 2014

GUEST POST: Jacklyn Denise is a PR Rockstar. Find her at and on Insta @jacklyndeniseco Whether you’re marketing in fashion, wellness, food, booze, or sport, there is a good chance Instagram is right for you. It presents an opportunity to show off your brand while remaining true to its aesthetic. It can even help […]