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Following the Fun (In Business and In Life)

Your Big Break Podcast, August 27, 2016

Happy Saturday :-)

I’m currently travelling for my FIRST EVER trip dedicated to having fun (in Italy of all places). I’ll be honest: it’s been interesting (ahem…concerning) to see how many times I’ve had to remind myself to simply enjoy the experience and not think about work or ‘what’s next?’

Luckily, I’ve been eating pizza and gelato at almost every meal so that’s been a great reminder to be present ;)

I decided to visit Italy, as I’m writing a book on the majestic powers of following the fun, and while writing the book, an acquaintance (now good friend) invited me to go with her. Since I was writing the book on having fun, I knew I had to live the message and say YES!

So here I am. We’re currently staying in an Airbnb (that is literally technicolour) and taking a break from the intensity of the new sites and sounds to relax.

Naturally, my way to relax has been watching this video (Britney Spears may be in it ;) and watching an online training about how to write clear and sincere copy with two of my fave women in business. I’ll be focusing on refreshing my website when I’m back in WERK MODE in a week so I’m personally finding this training super helpful. I’m also excited that my co-creator of The Media Method, Natalie MacNeil and I have partnered with the creator of A Course About Copy, Nikki Elledge Brown.

As our messages and intentions are aligned we’re excited to help you (if interested) learn how to write copy for your site that you’re excited to share and then have the tools to pitch your story to the media to reach the right people.

If you are interested in learning more, click here to sign up for Nikki and Natalie’s training!

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.07.21 PM

In my experience, it’s been a constant evolution with refining my message and through writing this book it’s continued to evolve in directions I couldn’t have predicted even a few months ago.

And I’m finding that it’s part of the magic of following the fun!

Thank you for reading and I’m excited to share more updates on all of this fun business soon! :-)


The Fun of Unlearning…Everything.

Your Big Break Podcast, August 22, 2016

When I first started my media biz (as a side hustle) I attempted to follow every successful online entrepreneur to try to figure out how they made it.

Figuring that they had all the answers, I did what they did (which was incredibly hard as a one-woman team). I literally tried to start everything at once (from webinars to podcasts to weekly newsletters and blogs) and I quickly turned into a workaholic, and felt completely drained and frustrated.

Turns out, following entrepreneurs who are 100 steps ahead of you and ignoring your internal GPS is a terrible idea.

So this year after one final breakdown before the breakthrough, I made a commitment to simply follow the fun.

After a few months of getting the hang of it, I’ve been able to truly devote myself to it …and it has lead to some big changes. From pausing my podcast (as I would love to do a live show next), to pausing sending out weekly newsletters (as I now believe you should write when you truly have something to say) to slowing down one on one coaching, I am refocusing the momentum and following the fun.

This focus has lead to launch a majestic media eCourse, getting into the best shape of my life (thank you Krav Maga), and actually enjoying weekends.

Also, an opportunity has also recently come up to go to Italy (for the pure purpose of having fun and enjoying being alive) and I decided to go for it and said yes. Tomorrow I’ll be on the plane.

I will be eating all the things in Italy, and also taking time to continue writing a book I’m passionate about and refocusing on the message I’d love to amplify.

As you may know, I collaborated with media entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil on our media course, and tomorrow at 3pm EST she’s teaming up with communication supastar Nikki Elledge Brown to run a free Master Your Message online class. I will be there learning and listening, and if you’re interested sign up here: http://acourseaboutcopy.com/master!

It’s never too late to pause and refocus and share what truly feels like fun.

I hope you have an amazing week and be sure to follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing pictures of pizza ;)


My ‘Big Break’ from ‘Your Big Break’

Your Big Break Podcast, August 2, 2016

Apparently, it has been a self-fulfilling prophecy…and it all happened so quickly.

I have officially decided to evolve the concept of the weekly podcast called ‘Your Big Break’ and am in the works in creating a live show focused on fun! (Seriously).

Thank you to everyone who has listened, supported, shared their time to be interviewed, and connected with me because of the show. It has been truly insane amounts of fun to create, though it’s time to go to the next level of FUNZ!

All details about the evolution are in the latest episode!

Thank you for listening!

<3 Gwen

Jessica Nazarali on Big Breaks, Big Wins and being an ‘It Girl’

Your Big Break Podcast, July 22, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Jessica Nazarali!

It’s always fun to connect with someone totally new on the show! I was so excited to receive a winning pitch from Business and Success coach Jessica Nazarali who is the Founder of It Girl Academy and the It Girl Foundation. She has grown her business exponentially (making $600K in her second year of business) while travelling the world, having an awesome relationship with her husband and helping thousands of people around the world. She is such a gem, and is so fun to interview. I hope you enjoy learning from this business superstar!

Keep reading for show notes!

Connor Beaton on the ManTalks Movement, TEDx, and the Power of Community

Your Big Break Podcast, July 14, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Connor Beaton!

Wooohoo! Connor Beaton is on the show today! Connor is the Founder of ManTalks: a space for the modern man to evolve through authenticity, community, purpose and accountability. Connor has a unique background ranging from singing Opera to working for one of the biggest technology companies in the world. He’s now a trailblazer in helping men to live their best life by being ALL of who they (or YOU) are.

Keep reading for show notes!

Nicholas Montgomery on Building a Global Brand, A-List Celebrities, and ‘Dreamy Trudeau’

Your Big Break Podcast, July 7, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Nicholas Montgomery!

Nicholas Montgomery is the founder of Shelfies, a global brand with the mission to make you smile with their clothing and merchandise. Well hot damn, it’s working, as his company have shipped 50,000 orders from Kosovo to Uganda and his company has been featured in GQ, Buzzfeed, Complex, CP24 and NBC to name a few. His styles have also been worn by Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Baddie Winkle and he was even able to meet Canada’s Prime Minister to show him the ‘Dreamy Trudeau’ sweater.

Keep reading for show notes!

Meghan Telpner on Building her Culinary Empire, Rocking the Media and Vintage Kaftans

Your Big Break Podcast, June 30, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Meghan Telpner!

I like to joke that speaking to Meghan Telpner is like talking to a rainbow. You are in awe of the energy, vibrancy and fun. Oh and the pot of gold is her teachings on how to live your healthiest life through undieting. She’s also an entrepreneurial rock-star. She’s been in the online biz world for over 8 years, and since then she’s created over 40 online programs, and has taught thousands of people around the world through her book, media appearances, speaking gigs and Culinary Nutrition Program. After listening to this episode you will be uber inspired to truly start enjoying your life….and perhaps even pick up a kaftan ;)

Keep reading for show notes!

Layla Saad on Going Viral, Thought Leadership, and Trailblazing via the Middle East

Your Big Break Podcast, June 23, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Layla Saad!

Layla Saad lived an experience that you may either REALLY want or TRULY dread: going viral. When content you create ‘goes viral’ it uncontrollably gets shared and you suddenly have hundreds, thousands or millions of eyes on your work. Layla is a Women’s Leadership & Business Coach, and recently had this ‘big break’ type experience and we talk all about it on the show. She also talks about Queenology and the Queen archetype which she embodies in business and life, the power of positioning, and the power of entrepreneurial support.

Keep reading for show notes!

Diana House on Tiny Devotions, Powerful Collaborations and Having More Fun

Your Big Break Podcast, June 16, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Diana House!

Many moons ago at Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy and Hot event I met an incredible entrepreneur (and total jet-company owning baller) named Diana House. At the time, Diana was a couple of years into her startup, Tiny Devotions (which is now on it’s way to becoming an 8-figure business). Diana is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, coach and speaker who is on a mission to ‘know thyself’ and build successful businesses around her strengths. If you want to start a new business, have more fun, and learn mindset technique to totally uplevel your life, you’re going to LOVE today’s episode.

Keep reading for show notes!

Ruby Fremon on Big Breaks, Breakdowns and Embodying Freedom and Love

Your Big Break Podcast, June 9, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Ruby Fremon!

Ruby Fremon is a coach, catalyst, and ignitor of all of your wildest dreams. She is the kinda gal who helps you get unstuck and say f*ck yes to being alive. Seriously. Listen to her for 10 minutes (or the whole episode) ;) and you’ll be deeply inspired to OWN your story and use the experiences you’ve lived through to help build your dream life. Ruby is fiercely honest in the interview and truly embodies freedom and self-love. Ruby has been featured all over, from The Huffington Post to MindBodyGreen.com to Plenty of Fish! We talk all about how she was able to be featured and grow her business through sharing her message.

Keep reading for show notes!