Following the Fun (In Business and In Life)

Gwen Elliot, August 27, 2016

Happy Saturday :-)

I’m currently travelling for my FIRST EVER trip dedicated to having fun (in Italy of all places). I’ll be honest: it’s been interesting (ahem…concerning) to see how many times I’ve had to remind myself to simply enjoy the experience and not think about work or ‘what’s next?’

Luckily, I’ve been eating pizza and gelato at almost every meal so that’s been a great reminder to be present ;)

I decided to visit Italy, as I’m writing a book on the majestic powers of following the fun, and while writing the book, an acquaintance (now good friend) invited me to go with her. Since I was writing the book on having fun, I knew I had to live the message and say YES!

So here I am. We’re currently staying in an Airbnb (that is literally technicolour) and taking a break from the intensity of the new sites and sounds to relax.

Naturally, my way to relax has been watching this video (Britney Spears may be in it ;) and watching an online training about how to write clear and sincere copy with two of my fave women in business. I’ll be focusing on refreshing my website when I’m back in WERK MODE in a week so I’m personally finding this training super helpful. I’m also excited that my co-creator of The Media Method, Natalie MacNeil and I have partnered with the creator of A Course About Copy, Nikki Elledge Brown.

As our messages and intentions are aligned we’re excited to help you (if interested) learn how to write copy for your site that you’re excited to share and then have the tools to pitch your story to the media to reach the right people.

If you are interested in learning more, click here to sign up for Nikki and Natalie’s training!

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.07.21 PM

In my experience, it’s been a constant evolution with refining my message and through writing this book it’s continued to evolve in directions I couldn’t have predicted even a few months ago.

And I’m finding that it’s part of the magic of following the fun!

Thank you for reading and I’m excited to share more updates on all of this fun business soon! :-)