Connor Beaton on the ManTalks Movement, TEDx, and the Power of Community

Victoria Klein, July 14, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Connor Beaton!

Wooohoo! Connor Beaton is on the show today! Connor is the Founder of ManTalks: a space for the modern man to evolve through authenticity, community, purpose and accountability. Connor has a unique background ranging from singing Opera to working for one of the biggest technology companies in the world. He’s now a trailblazer in helping men to live their best life by being ALL of who they (or YOU) are.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Connor shares what a big break means to him.

Connor discusses the concept of expectation failure.

How living in alignment can help you live a fulfilling life.

“There’s always a little chaos in our lives and it’s about finding balance within that chaos.”

Connor shares how falling out of balance led him to lead a life of alignment.

“There are always going to be people who think you can’t change because they haven’t changed.”

Connor explains how “alpha females” and “alpha males” can be together.

Resources, Recommendations, and Fun:

Connor’s TedX Talk

ManTalks Mastermind

Gary Vaynerchuk

Listen to the ManTalks podcast

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Website (Connor)


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  • So glad I tuned in – so many gold nuggets. Connor, I love what you’re doing – it’s so important. On a personal level – as a (happily) single woman, I do intend to someday meet a man who is at this level of consciousness… otherwise, I’ll likely remain single ;) On a global level, we need more men to be fully in touch with self and not the bs that society has put on them.

    Not that you need more on your plate, but also as a mom of an (incredible) teenage young man – I’d love to see you instigate something for teens. I think that gen is already at a different level of awareness, but they need support and direction to navigate society’s pressures.

    And thank you for the f-em reminder. I have two people in my life who tend to point out anything that resembles a flaw or is reminiscent of my past (I’ve done a LOT of growth since 2000). It’s painful, but you’re right – their comments are probably more necessary for their mirror not me.

    Gwen… you’re amazing – so glad you have this show!

    • <3!!!!! I so appreciate the love Shannon! I couldn't agree more with what you're saying. And what's so exciting is that we attract what we are, so the more we evolve, the more amazing the person will be who we attract. HUZZAH!