Jessica Nazarali on Big Breaks, Big Wins and being an ‘It Girl’

Gwen Elliot, July 22, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Jessica Nazarali!

It’s always fun to connect with someone totally new on the show! I was so excited to receive a winning pitch from Business and Success coach Jessica Nazarali who is the Founder of It Girl Academy and the It Girl Foundation. She has grown her business exponentially (making $600K in her second year of business) while travelling the world, having an awesome relationship with her husband and helping thousands of people around the world. She is such a gem, and is so fun to interview. I hope you enjoy learning from this business superstar!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Jessica shares the importance of pitching yourself and following up.

Jessica shares what it takes to become an “it girl/guy”.

How being approachable is an important quality to have when building your business and gaining clients.

Jessica shares what a big break means to her.

Jessica shares in the importance focusing on your personal journey and not focusing on the end result.

Why Jessica has begun to regulate what she watches on TV and how she’s holding herself accountable.

“[…] life is really too short not to be doing work that we love on a day-to-day basis and that is fulfilling to us.”

Resources, Recommendations, and Fun:

The It Girl Foundation:

Learn more about the It Girl Academy!

Interview with Yaro Starak:  

Meditation Audio:

How to Connect with Jessica:






Snapchat: @jessnazarali

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  • What a super fun interview. Jessica, I’ve been on your site before, and it was wonderful to learn more about what you’re doing in the world. I’m def working to be an ‘It Girl’ :) You seem like a genuinely supportive person, and I love that you’ve created a foundation to reach more. Gwen… you know I think you’re fabulous!