YBB021: Katie Zeppieri shares How to Get Mainstream Media Coverage for Your Movement

Gwen Elliot, February 4, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Author, TED Speaker and Creator of GIRL TALK, Katie Zeppieri!

When you’ve figured out what you’re passionate about and know that your message can help your audience – you naturally want to share it.

Media is an incredible tool to help you amplify your message.

Today’s podcast guest, Katie Zeppieri is incredibly passionate about empowering young girls and has been featured numerous times in the media to help spread the word. Katie is an author, TED speaker and she’s been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, Virgin, CP24 to name a few.

Katie also happens to be one of my best friends. We actually started a TV show together (called ‘The Real Deal & Meal’) back in university and have been supporting each other ever since. Interviewing Katie was my first ‘in person’ interview! It was so fun (and a lil’ scary) to interview her at my house!


In this episode you’ll learn:

Katie shares how GIRL TALK started and what the movement is trying to accomplish.

How Katie encourages girls to celebrate themselves, their purpose and their calling.

Katie shares about how she spreads the message that we can all be world changers in our own circle.

“To change the world you change your world.”

How personal reflection can help you reach your goals.

Katie shares how she achieved her “big break”.

How to commit to your “Why”.

Katie shares her first media interview about GIRL TALK

How to share your “ultimate passion” when you have a 3min/short interview.

How to develop a thick skin when it comes to criticisms.

“Nothing great comes from being safe.”

Katie talks about her book “GIRL TALK” and the process of creating it.

Katie shares how there is always a new big break to be hatched!


Resources, recommendations and fun:

Girl Talk Book: http://www.girltalkempowerment.com/product/girltalkbook/

Katie Interview with Ann Rohmer: http://www.cp24.com/video?clipId=666545

NewsTalk 1010: http://www.newstalk1010.com/

Barbara Walters Memoir: http://www.amazon.com/Audition

Start With Why: http://www.amazon.ca/Start-Why


How to Connect with Katie Online and on Social Media:

Website: http://www.girltalkempowerment.com/ , http://www.katiezeppieri.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/girltalkempowerment

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIRLTALKEmpower

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girltalkempowerment/

Tumblr: http://girltalkempowerment.tumblr.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/makeyourmarkmovement/videos


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  • This was so motivating to keep going on my own mission – thank you! I love what you’re doing, Katie – thanks for making such a positive difference for our girls!

    • Thank you so much for listening and for the love Shannon!!! <3