Lauren Hampton on The Real, Acing Your On-Air Segment and being in the ‘Big Break’ Biz

Gwen Elliot, June 2, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Lauren Hampton!

Lauren Hampton knows how to make great television. She’s a former producer for CBS’s Dr. Phil and she’s worked for TMZ and Divorce Court. She’s also handled the glamorous side of media working red carpets. She now produces the lifestyle segments for The Real (which airs on FOX, BET and around the world).

In this super actionable episode, she shares what she was looking for when finding an expert for television, how to ace your on-air interview, and shares in incredibly inspiring story of making it in Hollywood (because let’s face it…if you can make it there you can make it anywhere ;)

In this episode you’ll learn:

Lauren shares her take on the concept of a “big break” and how she’s trying to get there.

Lauren gives us a peek into a what her daily life looks like in the busy TV world.

Why Lauren made the switch from dark and gritty TV to the lighter and more glamorous lifestyle television.

What qualifies people as experts and how Lauren finds experts for their shows. She shares how she would research experts before pitching them.

Lauren shares what it takes to be a great on-air guest.

“You can never go wrong with being yourself.”

“Encourage yourself if nobody else will. Chase after your dreams if nobody else will because you are your biggest supporter, you are your biggest encourager. You are the only one who can push yourself to the next level.”

Why it’s important to “own it” if you want Lauren’s killer confidence.

We talk about ‘Produced by Faith’

Lauren shares how her incredible journey to LA and start in the industry.

Resources, Recommendations, and Fun:

Produced by Faith 

It’s Called “Networking” Not “Using”

How to Connect with Lauren Online and on Social Media:





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