Layla Saad on Going Viral, Thought Leadership, and Trailblazing via the Middle East

Gwen Elliot, June 23, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Layla Saad!

Layla Saad lived an experience that you may either REALLY want or TRULY dread: going viral. When content you create ‘goes viral’ it uncontrollably gets shared and you suddenly have hundreds, thousands or millions of eyes on your work. Layla is a Women’s Leadership & Business Coach, and recently had this ‘big break’ type experience and we talk all about it on the show. She also talks about Queenology and the Queen archetype which she embodies in business and life, the power of positioning, and the power of entrepreneurial support.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Layla shares how she became an entrepreneur in the Middle East (Qatar).

Why it’s so important to make connections in person.

Layla shares her definition of a ‘big break.’

A fab quote: “The universe responds to your actions and that’s when that big break or that tipping point will happen.”

How writing a blog post helped shape Layla’s business.

Layla shares why it’s important to acknowledge your critics.

Why it’s so important to have someone that supports you in your highs and lows.

Layla shares where the “Queen” archetype came from and what it means to her.

Resources, Recommendations, and Fun:

Why Those 6 Figure Business Coaches Are Failing You

Rachel Schillcock

Danielle Laporte

The Gifts of Imperfection


How to Connect with Layla:






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  • Jul’s Arthur

    Love this interview Gwen! I love what Layla said about taking one step every day to keep momentum going. I can so relate with amazing ideas…getting excited and getting stuck in implementing…so inspiring to hear what I need to be reminded about…shifting mindset and surrounding oneself with supportive women who are committed and taking actions each week. Gwen love soothing the angry toddler idea.

    • Thank you so much for tuning in Jul’s! It’s always just one step at a time, and being kind to ourselves when we think we should be at a different level <3

  • I am so happy to have listened to this interview with two amazing women! Layla, I enjoyed being your roommate in Tulum, and it was fun to hear this story in person and again now. I appreciate your reminder of two things: 1) the importance to being authentic with your voice, and 2) as you quoted Marianne Williamson – if you’re sharing something everyone agrees with, then you’re not sharing anything important. I needed to hear both right now :)

    Gwen… I look so forward to speaking with you soon!

    XO to you both <3

    • You totally make my day with your loving comments Shannon! And I appreciate the insight you pulled from the episode. Such excellent reminders!! <3