The Fun of Unlearning…Everything.

Gwen Elliot, August 22, 2016

When I first started my media biz (as a side hustle) I attempted to follow every successful online entrepreneur to try to figure out how they made it.

Figuring that they had all the answers, I did what they did (which was incredibly hard as a one-woman team). I literally tried to start everything at once (from webinars to podcasts to weekly newsletters and blogs) and I quickly turned into a workaholic, and felt completely drained and frustrated.

Turns out, following entrepreneurs who are 100 steps ahead of you and ignoring your internal GPS is a terrible idea.

So this year after one final breakdown before the breakthrough, I made a commitment to simply follow the fun.

After a few months of getting the hang of it, I’ve been able to truly devote myself to it …and it has lead to some big changes. From pausing my podcast (as I would love to do a live show next), to pausing sending out weekly newsletters (as I now believe you should write when you truly have something to say) to slowing down one on one coaching, I am refocusing the momentum and following the fun.

This focus has lead to launch a majestic media eCourse, getting into the best shape of my life (thank you Krav Maga), and actually enjoying weekends.

Also, an opportunity has also recently come up to go to Italy (for the pure purpose of having fun and enjoying being alive) and I decided to go for it and said yes. Tomorrow I’ll be on the plane.

I will be eating all the things in Italy, and also taking time to continue writing a book I’m passionate about and refocusing on the message I’d love to amplify.

As you may know, I collaborated with media entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil on our media course, and tomorrow at 3pm EST she’s teaming up with communication supastar Nikki Elledge Brown to run a free Master Your Message online class. I will be there learning and listening, and if you’re interested sign up here:!

It’s never too late to pause and refocus and share what truly feels like fun.

I hope you have an amazing week and be sure to follow me on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing pictures of pizza ;)