Nicholas Montgomery on Building a Global Brand, A-List Celebrities, and ‘Dreamy Trudeau’

Gwen Elliot, July 7, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Nicholas Montgomery!

Nicholas Montgomery is the founder of Shelfies, a global brand with the mission to make you smile with their clothing and merchandise. Well hot damn, it’s working, as his company have shipped 50,000 orders from Kosovo to Uganda and his company has been featured in GQ, Buzzfeed, Complex, CP24 and NBC to name a few. His styles have also been worn by Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Baddie Winkle and he was even able to meet Canada’s Prime Minister to show him the ‘Dreamy Trudeau’ sweater.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How Nicholas was able to get his products to A-list celebs.

How having an online store is better than having a flagship store.

Nicholas shares how he got his start in tech and is a trailblazer in podcasting.

What Nicholas has his eye on for the next media trend.

“[…] It’s about taking an opportunity that’s given to you and making it into something that’s ten times bigger than that.”

Nicholas shares the story of how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the “Dreamy Trudeau” sweater.

How Nicholas views media when it comes to promoting Shelfies.

Nicholas shares his favourite part of being an entrepreneur.

Nicholas explains his interest in boredom and why he is figuring out how to make tasks more interesting.

Resources, Recommendations, and Fun:

Nicholas was a trailblazer in the podcast space, at AGE 12!

Dreamy Trudeau

Infoman and his crew dress up for our interview. December 2015. #first100 Infoman et son équipe portant des vêtements de circonstance pour notre entrevue. Décembre 2015. #100jours

A photo posted by Justin Trudeau (@justinpjtrudeau) on

Baddie Winkle

Peter Diamandis


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