Regan Hillyer on Handling Pressure in the Press, Alignment and Big Breaks!

Gwen Elliot, May 12, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Regan Hillyer!

The first time I learned of entrepreneur, investor and author Regan Hillyer, I heard her being interviewed on a popular podcast. Now I use the word ‘interview’ lightly, as she was being GRILLED by the host over her financials and coaching techniques.

After hearing this, I was IMPRESSED. She remained cool, calm and collected the entire time. This can be challenging to be chill under pressure, though she made it look easy. She’s also made it look incredibly easy to travel the world, grow her empire and release a best-selling book. So it was truly fun to interview her and talk all about her big breaks!


In this episode you’ll learn:

Regan shares why she thinks that magic happens when you get your big break.

Regan shares how preparation is important to get that big break.

Why it’s so important to be clear on your content when you go on a show.

“Courage comes before confidence.”

Regan shares the origin story of her amazing company (or)

How Regan incorporated her wanderlust into her own company.

“Your first client is yourself.”

Regan’s journey to getting a publicist (aka Esther Kiss).

Regan gives us the lowdown on her online reality show!

Resources, Recommendations and Fun:

Be Your Brand: From Unknown to Unforgettable in 60 Days

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:

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