Ruby Fremon on Big Breaks, Breakdowns and Embodying Freedom and Love

Gwen Elliot, June 9, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Ruby Fremon!

Ruby Fremon is a coach, catalyst, and ignitor of all of your wildest dreams. She is the kinda gal who helps you get unstuck and say f*ck yes to being alive. Seriously. Listen to her for 10 minutes (or the whole episode) ;) and you’ll be deeply inspired to OWN your story and use the experiences you’ve lived through to help build your dream life. Ruby is fiercely honest in the interview and truly embodies freedom and self-love. Ruby has been featured all over, from The Huffington Post to to Plenty of Fish! We talk all about how she was able to be featured and grow her business through sharing her message.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Ruby shares her final rock-bottom moment and how she started rebuilding.

Why Ruby created the Self-Love Tribe and what she does to feel loved.

“When I felt that I was worthy that’s when doors opened for us.”

Ruby shares how she ended up writing for the Huffington Post.

Why it’s important to find media that you really connect with.

“Find the platforms that really speak to you, that you’re excited about writing for.”

“Don’t go out for the outlets that everyone’s going after, go for the ones that really speak to you and really align with your voice.”

Why Ruby wants you to own your sh!t!

Why it’s so important for Ruby to engage on social media.

“Just be you.”

Resources, Recommendations, and Fun:

Gabby Bernstein

Alexi Panos

Self-Love Tribe

The Four Agreements

How to Connect with Ruby:







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  • Fabian Markl

    I like your authentic guests! And I love what Ruby says, “Don’t go after the platforms that anyone else is going after, but focus on those who are most aligned to your voice and who you are.”

  • So fun to hear more about you, Ruby <3 There were many 'gold nuggets' I'll remember from this interview, and it was great to see you shine a bit brighter… you are a wonderful Light to our world. And Gwen… you know I always love tuning in to your podcast! Thanks to two amazing women!! :)

    • <33333!!! Thank you for the love Shannon! And the door is totally open to be a guest whenever you feel the time is right! <3

      • @gwenelliot:disqus, I’d be honored to be on your Podcast… in fact, I’ve thought about ‘pitching’ you :) I’ll send an email now!