Sheevaun Moran on Quantum Leaps, Mainstream Media + Receiving Miracles

Gwen Elliot, April 28, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Sheevaun Moran!

If you truly want to get your big break (or MANY big breaks) you are going to love learning from Sheevaun Moran. Sheevaun’s work is all about helping people receive the quantum leap moments. In this episode we talk about ‘containers’ and ‘foundations’ for preparing yourself for a big break as well as her work as a trailblazer in mainstream media in the world of energy work. It’s truly fascinating to learn from Sheevaun and I hope it helps you get to that next level!



In this episode you’ll learn:

Sheevaun explains how she makes miracles in people’s lives and how she was introduced to miracles.

Why Sheevaun started saying yes to everything.

Sheevaun shares what a big break means to her.

Sheevaun shares the importance of building foundations and containers.

Sheevaun describes the different levels of containers and how they can expand.

Sheevaun gives advice on how to build your foundations.

Why “pattern interrupts” are very important to change negative thoughts.

Sheevaun shares her first mainstream media interview experience.

How media has helped Sheevaun stay true to her core message.

Resources, Recommendations and Fun:

Dries Van Noten Shoes (Sheevaun tells this incredibly inspiring story):

Shotgun Shopping:

The Greatest Salesman in the World:

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  • I love this interview so much, I just listened to it twice in a row. Seriously. Sheevaun – so many tid bits of knowledge and reminders. Say ‘yes’ to everything (omg, so cool), give to receive, keep thoughts positive, move your body to shift patterns and not let them settle in… Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! Gwen Elliot – you are amazing like always! So happy to know you :)

    • There are so many game-changing concepts that can shift everything. I so want to go to one of Sheevaun’s events this year! Shannon we should totally go!! <3