It’s time to stop being a ‘best kept secret’ and share your story with


Grow your credibility and attract new ideal customers and ultimately, get your big break with media!

My name is Gwen and I’m a TV Producer and a Media Strategist. I help you share your story with the right media to attract the right clients for your business.


By landing on this page, I have a feeling you’re being called to share your story or message in a bigger way. Media can help you do this faster, and (when done right) more effectively than any other marketing tool.

Media Magnet Group Coaching is a three week online group coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to get major media coverage to build your brand and business.

A few major breakthroughs from the first group include features in Virgin, Forbes, Levo, LearnVest, The Wall Street Journal, Breakfast Television, national newspapers, podcast interviews, blog features, hundreds of sign-ups for their newsletters, RSVP’s for events, new clients and the results are still rolling in.

These exciting opportunities are available to you. Read on if you’re ready to take the leap or if you’re ready, reserve your spot by filling out this short Q & A.

How Media Magnet Group Coaching works:

  • When you officially enroll, within one week you will receive a personal welcome video from me along with my signature website review with a ‘producer’s eye’ to help you optimize your site for media coverage. This is the warm-up for coaching!
  • When you enroll you will then receive detailed instructions to join the live group coaching calls (via live webinar) at 11 am EST on Friday October 30, Saturday October 31 and Friday November 6 and Saturday 7th. Each week’s lesson is repeated on both the Friday and Saturday. Choose to attend one each week or both – whichever works best with your schedule.
  • When you join group coaching, you can choose if you’d like to schedule a 45 minute one-on-one call or Skype meeting with me to discuss your personal goals, branding, marketing and media strategy. You will be sent detailed instructions on how to book.
  • I will personally research 10 highly targeted media outlets that will help you build your credibility and attract dream customers. I will provide the contact for the producer, and the angle I suggest you pitch with.
  • Throughout coaching you have unlimited and priority access to my feedback via email to help you pitch.
  • Access to the private Facebook group to share your media wins and questions. (You’d be surprised how hard it can be to actually share your media attention. This group will be a safe space to start). You will be added to the group within a week of the first day of coaching.
  • Access to the Media Magnet Alumni Group. This is the place where I’ll share when I’m doing media coaching specifically for the group to help you get ongoing media.
  • Access to 10 ‘done for you’ templates that I’ve created to help both myself and clients get major media features. (Virgin, Forbes, Cosmo, Rogers TV, Breakfast Television, The Social, Seventeen Magazine, Levo, Entrepreneur on Fire, The Suitcase Entrepreneur)

The Media Needs You:

  • On average morning shows produce 15 hours of content per week. 750-780 hours/year.
  • Lifestyle shows produce 5 hours of content/week. 120-250 hours/year.
  • Online outlets are in desperate need of fresh, inspiring, helpful content 24/7.

What will you learn?

When you apply to group coaching, I will ask you to fill out a short survey to understand your unique challenges and needs. This will help me formulate the course to ensure all of your questions are answered. Here is a snap shot of how I can help you:

Week 1 – Prepare To Share Your Story


October 30th & 31st at 11 am EST (You choose to attend Friday or Saturday – or both!)

  • How to Know what Media Outlets to Target 
  • How to Overcome the Resistance to Putting Yourself Out There
  • How to Develop Your Media Angle
  • How to Write a ‘Media Bio’
  • How to Write a Subject Line that Guarantees the Email Gets Opened
  • Optimizing your Site for Media 
  • Top Tech Tools I Recommend (Press Kit, Finding Email Addresses, Crafting Magnetic l Emails)


Week 2 – Pitch Your Story to the Media

November 6th and 7th at 11 am EST (You choose to attend Friday or Saturday – or both!)


  • The #1 Most Important Aspect of Pitching
  • How to Write Your Pitch
  • How to Deal with Competitors
  • Out of the box ideas and strategies to get noticed by the media.
  • When to Pitch (How much lead time? Taking advantage of holidays, hot topics in the news and different seasons)
  • To Press Kit or not to Press Kit? We Will Discuss.
  • What to do with the media coverage once you’ve been featured.
  • How to Turn Media Coverage into Paid Customers


One-On-One Coaching

For our 45 minute session via Skype Audio or Skype Video you can ask me anything you’re curious about. Here are a few FAQ’s:

  • How to Get Prepared for a TV interview
  • Your Unique Angle
  • What is your Dream Media Coverage? Let’s discuss and hatch a plan!
  • What to Wear on-camera
  • How to Create Your Own Media Content (I’ve created everything from podcasts to Google Hangout shows to a web show that was picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada)




    But wait, Gwen, isn’t there intense competition for media? What if there’s more than one “life coach” in the group?

  • If there is someone with similar skills to you in the group - this is GREAT news. That way we can focus on how to make sure your message is distinct and different.
  • Do I need to have prior media experience?

  • Not at all! This group coaching is for newbies as well as people who have had media exposure in the past.
  • What do I do if I can’t make one of the coaching calls?

  • Not to worry - you will receive an email with a link to the content shortly after the call.
  • How many people will be in the group?

  • 8 amazing people.