YBB002: Kathryn Hocking: Manifesting Major Media and Creating Six Figure eCourses with Engaging Media Content

Gwen Elliot, September 17, 2015

Want to learn how to manifest major media? Listen to the incredible story of how Australian eCourse expert Kathryn Hocking did this in 5 minutes! She’s also an incredible teacher who shares how to create engaging media content in her eCourse Launch Formula! 

Here are the show notes from Kathryn Hocking’s story:

Question: 2:47 – Can you share with listeners how did you start on your entrepreneurial path?

Question: 5:38 – What was your big break? What was that decision you made or that thing that happened that really helped you go from kind of starting out to really creating such an amazing course and business?

Question: 7:16 – Could you share one of your favourite media experiences?

Question: 9:23 – Can you rationalize how that kind of thing happens? (in regards to writing a letter to the universe about getting more TV exposure and 5min later getting a call to be in TV)

Quote: 10:44 -“I think it’s about really establishing yourself in a niche and having a really specific type of focus and expertise. I think if you do that you’re much more likely to get these opportunities because you’re going to be known for this one specific thing.”

Question: 11:29 – How do you get prepared to go on air? Do you have any tips or different rituals that you do to get ready to go onto the camera into people’s homes?

Question: 12:25 – Do you practice a certain amount of times before going into an interview?

Question: 13:26 – Something pretty scary happened to you right before going into the interview. Can you share a little bit of what happened? (Filming She Takes On The World with Natalie MacNeil)

Question: 16:39 – Was there anything you said to yourself once you kind of got out of the full on panic to help you get back to centre and get to clarity on what you really wanted to share on that interview?

Quote: 18:17 – “So it’s just really interesting that sometimes how you think something has gone isn’t actually the reality of what other people see in terms of how it’s gone.”

Quote: 19:40 – “ Sometimes there are going to be bad days and sometimes you just have to just pull on every ounce of strength that you’ve got inside of you and just keep going.”

Question: 20:09 – Could you share with us a little bit about the e-course launch formula, and who do you want to work with and how can you help people with your program?

Question: 22:41 – What advice would you give to people who want to create an e-course but they’re not sure how to put themselves on camera?

Quote: 23:52 – “I think it’s about knowing yourself and know what you’ll do best in.”

Question: 24:58 – Audience question: Michelle Ferguson (http://eternalgarden.ca/)  “How are you able to balance being an entrepreneur and being a mom?”

Quote: 26:36 – “When I do have that time to work you need to be really targeted and laser focused. You need to start each day knowing exactly what you need to get done that day and you need to shut off distractions.”

Question: 27:57 – What is your best quick tip for killer confidence?

Question: 28:08 – How do you stop the imposter complex dead in it’s tracks?

Question: 28:21 – What is one book that changed your life?

Quote: 28:30 – “The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield”

Question: 28:50 – What is your favourite way to promote yourself and your work?

Question: 29:13 – What are you most grateful for right now?

Question: 29:26 – What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?

If you’re interested in learning more about Kathryn’s eCourse launch formula, click here! I’m a proud affiliate of Kathryn’s course as I have learned so much from her work on how to create engaging media content that helps you leverage your talent and skills.

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