YBB003 – Elsa Isaac: How to Become the Most Stylish Version of Yourself, Body Confidence and Owning it On-Air

Gwen Elliot, September 24, 2015

It’s time to become the most stylish version of yourself. Elsa Isaac, NYC based fashion stylist to the game-changers is here to help. Elsa has styled Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Lenny Kravitz and Katie Couric to name a few. On the podcast she shares her helpful tips for feeling confident in your clothes, and becoming the best version of you (with a lil’ help from great style).

Here are the show notes from Elsa’s episode!

Question: 3:44 – How did you get started on your entrepreneurial path?

Question: 6:52 – How did you break in and start to work with some of these amazing people?

Question: 8:54 – Could you actually demystify what is a fashion stylist, what is it exactly that you do for clients?

Question: 10:24 – What advice would you give to people who are going to do an on-air interview?

Body Shape Calculator: http://elsaisaac.com/your-body/

Question: 13:16 – How do you advise people who are not comfortable wearing bright colours and being the centre of attention? How do you help them ease into it?

Quote: 14:06 – “Choose the colour you are comfortable wearing and try to get a brighter shade of that than you would normally wear because you have to alter a little bit when you are talking on camera.”

Question: 14:59 – Is there outfits that you would suggest not to wear on camera?

Question: 15:22 – What about horizontal stripes? What are your thoughts on those?

Question: 16:51 – Is it true that the camera adds 10 pounds?

Question: 17:45 – Could you share any advice about how to get more comfortable and confident in owning your presence on camera?

Quote: 18:38 – “No one has your body, no one in the world has your body. It’s your job to highlight it and make it be as big of a star as it should be.”

Question: 20:16 – Would you be willing to share what happened and why you’re so grateful for your body today?

Question: 22:31 – Audience Question – Nova of http://novabrowningrutherford.com/  – “What would you suggest to really busy women on the go, who are moms, who need to have that home to the meeting kind of outfit? Is there a kind of go-to that you would suggest?

Question: 25:40 – Audience Question – Sandra from http://gabrielpr.ca/  – How did you meet Marie (Forleo) and how did you help her with her style?

Question: 31:20 – What is your best tip for killer confidence

Question: 31:28 – What is your best tip to stop the imposter complex

Question: 31:47 – What is one book that has changed your life?

Question: 31:50 – What is your favourite way to promote yourself or your work?

Question: 32:04 – What do you wish you knew before starting on your entrepreneurial path?

Question: 32:18 – What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Question: 33:23 – Where can people connect with you, hire you, and learn more about your services


elsaisaac.com/ – website

@elsaisaac on instagram – https://instagram.com/elsaisaac/

@elsaisaac on twitter – https://twitter.com/elsaisaac

Thank you so much for listening!

Thank you to WEKR3ATE for editing & Karyn Elliot for show notes.

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