YBB004: Melissa Ramos – How to Break into Major Media, Recover from a Live On-Camera ‘Mistake’ and Eat the Right Food to Glow on Camera

Gwen Elliot, October 1, 2015

How do you break into major media when you’re first starting out? And what do you do if you make a major mistake on live national television. Tune into today’s episode of Your Big Break featuring Melissa Ramos to find out!


Question: 4:23 – How did you actually get started on the path you’re on today?

Quote: 9:50 – “You know listening to yourself for the first time on audio or watching yourself for the first time is really painful initially? You get over that. It takes time, but you get over that.”

Question: 10:52 – What advice would you give to people in that state right now, not able to tolerate themselves (on camera).

Quote: 12:18 – “In the beginning of your career you’re knocking on so many doors […], but that’s what happens in the beginning. BUt if you continue doing it and you keep hustling on it’s hard on your spirit but you HAVE to keep going. Just surround yourself with other people […]”

Quote: 14:20 – “Watching yourself is painful, but there’s so many lessons to be learned there.”

Question: 14:59 – What advice would you give to people to loosen up a little bit and to have a little bit more fun with it?

Quote: 18:28 – “If you can develop a routine around your filming it’s going to help you.”

Question: 19:14 – What’s a good meal or drink to have before putting yourself on camera?

Question: 21:35 – What is it like (on set of live-TV)? Tell us the whole experience behind the scenes.

Quote: 24:47 – “You have to make that when you’re on camera that it’s really a conversation with the host.”

Question: 25:34 – Have you ever made a mistake on live television?

Question: 27:11 – What advice would you give to people who make that mistake (going off brand) on air?

Quote: 27:20 – “If you make a mistake on air it shows that you’re human.”

Question: 29:20 – How do you help us with our digestion and our hormones and make us sexy from the inside out?

Quote: 29:37 – “Health is about your diet, first and foremost. Second is your lifestyle. Then the there is your supplements.”

Question: 34:18 – What’s the probiotic you recommend and if people could add one vegetable and take one food away, what would those be?

Question: 36:18 – What is your best quick tip for killer confidence?

Question: 37:24 – What is your best tip to stop the imposter complex?

Question: 39:50 – What is one book that changed your life?

Question: 40:46 – What is your favourite way to promote yourself and your work?

Question: 42:20 – What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Question: 44:36 – Where can people learn more about you, connect with you, buy your programs? Where can we go?

HOT LINKS (literally):

Melissa’s Website:http://www.sexyfoodtherapy.com/melissa-ramos/

Melissa’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sexyfoodtherapy  and http://sexyfoodtherapycommunity.com/

Melissa’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/sexyfoodtherapy/?hl=en

Melissa’s Periscope: https://twitter.com/sexyfoodtherapy

Chivon John’s website: http://www.chivonjohn.com/

Julie Daniluk’s website: https://juliedaniluk.com/

Shambunata: http://www.shambunata.com/workshops/

Melissa Ambrosini’s website: https://melissaambrosini.com/

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