YBB005: Shannon T Boodram – How to Get Mainstream Media Coverage for a ‘Taboo’ Topic, Write Your Book, and ‘Reject’ Rejection!

Gwen Elliot, October 8, 2015

Shannon T Boodram is a TV personality who specializes in sex and love and is the go-to voice for millennials on the topic. She is also the bestselling author of the book, LAID: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture. In this episode we talk about how to get mainstream media for a ‘taboo’ topic, how to write your book (and PROMOTE it) and how to ‘reject’ rejection and be perseverant in the face of adversity.


Question: 2:20 – How did you get started in the media world?

Question: 3:20 – What were you thinking around that time (you gave up your track scholarship to pursue journalism) when you made that decision?

Question: 4:21 – Was there a moment for you when you started working in the media world where you thought, ‘Oh! I’m actually good at this and think I could actually make a career’?

Question: 5:32 – Do you remember when you started getting some different contract jobs in media, what was the one that you got that really blew your mind, like your big break kind of opportunity?

Question: 8:34 – Can you share a bit about the no’s that you get working in the media world and how you’re able to keep being persistent despite no.

Quote: 8:54 – “Great risk comes with great gain.”

Question: 11:36 – Why did you want to write this book? (Laid. Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture)

Question: 15:29 – What was that experience like to share nationally and internationally on a top that you’re passionate about that is still a taboo topic (regarding her book, Laid)? What was that whole ex

  • Fabian Markl

    Hot talk. Love how she positioned herself in the media and become a TV personality.

    • Shannon’s killin’ tha game! Thanks so much for listening Fabian!