YBB007: Janet Murray – How to use Soulful PR to get Mainstream Media Attention Anywhere in the World

Gwen Elliot, October 18, 2015

Today I am thrilled to share an interview with journalist and founder of Soulful PR, Janet Murray.

Janet and I connected after we were both interviewed on The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast. And today we actually met in person!




Today I had the chance to connect with Janet in person at her Soulful PR breakfast in London. Janet attracts clients from all around the world and she is absolutely delightful! She’s also SO generous with sharing tips and connections to mainstream media. Janet’s also incredibly passionate about her business. It’s always inspiring to me to meet someone you’ve connected with online and find that they’re absolutely the same person when you meet.

Show Notes:

Question: 2:27 – Can you tell listeners what is a “shed-quarters”? Janet’s shedquarters: http://janetmurray.co.uk/my-shedquarters/

Question: 4:20 – How did you get started on your entrepreneurial path?

Question: 7:58 – What’s it [your online PR training program] called? http://janetmurray.co.uk/soulful-pr/

Question: 9:20 – What would you say was your big break that really helped take your career to the next level?

Question: 10:58 – What would you share with people who are in North America, who would they go about getting international press and do you think it makes sense for them to reach out to publications across the pond?

Question: 12:11 – How would you describe what PR is?

Quote: 12:50 – “I tend to think about it PR personally, when I’m teaching it, it’s about sharing your message with the world.”

Question: 14:03 – When would you say is the right time to start reaching out and really pitching yourself?

Question: 17:22 – What is a press release and why is it important to have one for whatever it is that you want to share about?

Question: 22:00 – So you’re fired up and ready to pitch, but not sure where to start. What advice could you share?

Question: 26:33 – Audience Question from KamaraToffolo.com: do you think that video (instead of blogging) is a more effective strategy to share your message?


QUESTION: 28:40 – Best tip for killer confidence?

QUESTION: 28:57 – How to stop the imposter complex?

QUESTION: 29:41 – One book that’s changed your life?

QUESTION: 30:07 – Favourite way to promote yourself?

QUESTION: 30:40 – Best advice you’ve ever received?

QUESTION: 31:08 – Where can people learn from you?

How to Connect with Janet:

Website: https://janetmurray.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JanetMurrayUK

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jan_murray

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYwuAwJtK2n9jhqL1v0-Hg

Instagram: https://instagram.com/janmurrayuk/