YBB018: Alexia Vernon – Creator of Your Spotlight Talk on Stepping on Stage in 2016

Gwen Elliot, January 14, 2016

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Creator of Your Spotlight Talk, and Women’s Communication & Leadership Expert

2016 is the year to face the fear and share your story (on stage). If you are curious about how to step into the spotlight as a speaker, you’re going to LOVE today’s guest. Alexia Vernon is a Women’s Communication Expert and Creator of Your Spotlight talk. Alexia teaches people how to step on stage, share your story, and get paid well to do it. Alexia has been featured on CNN, NBC, The Wall St. Journal, and Women’s Health to name a few and has been named a ‘Moxie Maven’ by the White House. You can tell by listening to her that she is SO passionate about her work and shares so generously about her personal story on today’s episode.

In this episode you’ll learn:

How Alexia got started on her entrepreneurial path

How to go from ‘circling around the perimeter of who you want to be’ to stepping into the spotlight and into who you are

Her big breaks as a career coach (in the early days)

How Alexia pitched CNN and was able to be seen as an expert

How she made the decision to coach speakers and was able to make six figures shortly after

How to create multiple streams of speaking revenue as a speaker

The right question to ask yourself to position yourself as a thought leader 

How to fuse the playful with the practical in your talk

How to find your secret sauce to find your speaking niche

How do you get paid for your first speaking gig?

How she pitched to CNN

How to share the most vulnerable aspect of your story (the 5 R’s)

What do you do if you get ‘triggered’ while speaking on stage?

Audience Questions:

Shannon from GreenHeartMindfulness.com – What are the first steps you’d take to craft your spotlight talk?

Maggie from MaggiePatterson.com – How do you show up and speak without the major crash afterwards?

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Resources, recommendations and fun:

Join Alexia’s Free Facebook Group: The Spotlight Speaker’s Salon

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How to Go from ‘Hot Mess’ to Hot Shot Speaker Training [love this!]

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How to Connect with Alexia Online and on Social Media:

Websites: www.alexiavernon.com

YouTube| Twitter | Instagram

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