YBB016: Natalie MacNeil – How to Land Your Dream Book Deal with the Help of Mainstream Media Coverage

Gwen Elliot, December 24, 2015

Your Big Break Podcast welcomes Entrepreneur, Author and Jetsetter, Natalie MacNeil!

Natalie MacNeil is a rockstar entrepreneur. She’s also the author of a brand new book with her dream publisher called ‘The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs” Click here to learn more and buy it! :-) I met Natalie back in 2013 at a speaking engagement. I was so excited to meet her as I’d been following her adventures online. Later that year I signed up for her signature program, The Conquer Club, and in 2015 had the opportunity to coach one-on-one with her. She’s an incredible media magnet, business woman and friend. I am so grateful for her guidance, and can’t wait to share it with you.

Learn from Natalie today on Your Big Break podcast!

In this episode you’ll learn:

How Natalie started on her entrepreneurial path

How to listen to the ‘little whispers’ the universe is sharing with you

How to trust the synchronicity

How Natalie started She Takes on the World

What was your first big break that you had with She Takes on the World that helped you take it to the next level?  

Natalie’s secret sauce for getting media coverage

How Natalie was invited to be a contributor for Forbes

Natalie shares a ‘really crappy’ business situation she got through this year. “I don’t think I’ve ever shed more tears.” [16:00 minute mark]

How Natalie manages her self-care

“Every entrepreneur needs to schedule themselves. You need to put YOU on your calendar.”

How did you get the ‘dream book deal’ with your publisher for The Conquer Kit

Why now is the time Natalie is shifting from a brand to using her name as her brand

Audience Question:

Question from Alexia Vernon of AlexiaVernon.com

What are your top tips from crafting your marketing and media section of your book proposal when submitting your book to agents?

Resources, recommendations and fun:

David Guetta’s Song: The World is Mine (You’ve gotta listen to understand ;)

Quote: “When creativity is calling you, get yo a** out of bed!”

She Takes on the World named one of Forbes Top 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs in 2015 (5 years in a row!)

A recent She Takes on the World celebration

[Check out the 38 min mark to see yours truly win the Transformer award]

Start with you in the morning. Natalie starts with meditation, movement and green juice.

If you are being triggered from someone online…UNFOLLOW!!

Natalie’s new book – The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs is LIVE! Pre-order today for over $200 in bonuses from Natalie

Natalie shares a mudra for confidence (and what a mudra is ;)

Natalie’s Dream Media Interview: Oprah!

We end with raising a virtual glass of champagne to you!

How to Connect with Natalie Online and on Social Media:

Websites: www.shetakesontheworld.comhttp://theconquerkit.com/theconquerclub.com/#

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SnapChat (@nataliemacneil)

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